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Photography. Maybe it's like writing a song. You put pen to paper. Words build up an imagery, at some point the song takes over.
It's out of your hands. It has become it's own.

To Peter this is at the very core of the beauty of making pictures. It's a very conscious yet still unconcious process. Be it a portrait, an architectural or studio image.
Photography is the projection of a figure, evoked, it is true, by reality yet, like all photographs in reality, fiction.

Copenhagen based photographer Peter Nørby has had photography as a major part of his life the last 20 years. Educated at The National School of Photography in Denmark during the 1990's this also led to an extensive journey to the US assisting such renowned photographers as Greg Gorman and Jim McGuire.

Peters photographic dedication and works has by now led to a 15 year career as a commercial photographer, since 2002 with his own studio.

Throughout the years working for clients such as Lego, Tivoli, The OECD and various artists; painters and musicians.
Peter, himself has no desire for self-
aggrandisement. If you want to know more, just ask.

In trying to convey some of his ideas behind the very notion of doing the art of photography, Peter for some time taught new upcoming photographers at The National School of Photography, Denmark.

Should you not find Peter at the studio, shooting, there is a good chance you can find him in the harbour getting the old wooden sailboat ready for the seas. The sea being a great source of inspiration and tranquillity. The boat craving for craftsmanship.
This being the preferred retreat from the city for him and his family in the sunny months.

Peter, 39, born in the western part of Denmark, lives close to the beautiful lakes of Copenhagen centre with his muse Vicki and their two kids Luka and Louie.
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